• UK Native English Tutor in Hong Kong




    Fiona Rawlinson

    UK Native English Tutor in Hong Kong


    Fiona is an established English tutor in Hong Kong. She works closely with families in their homes to help them reach their goals. She has taught at leading Hong Kong tuition centres and language schools, and has a professional background from the UK.


    Fiona is natively English, was born in the UK, and was educated under the British curriculum.  She holds a degree from an elite UK university, and qualified as a teacher at a top language institution in London.


    In her spare time Fiona is an avid reader and the organiser of a popular Hong Kong book club.  Her hobbies are swimming, hiking, and yoga.  She has a passion for teaching and a love of languages.




    Fiona is a dedicated and responsive teacher whose style is patient and motivating.


    She introduces educational games and interactive activities into her classes, ensuring improvement and confidence in her students' use of English.


    Fiona specialises in one to one and small group English tuition and is experienced with the needs of children in both international and local schools. She uses modern teaching methods to provide engaging and tailored lessons in the following focus areas:

    • Phonics - using a variety of techniques including games, songs, and actions to teach young children the necessary skills, and supporting them to read and write independently
    • Writing - helping students to organise and structure their writing for typical academic essay styles and inspiring her students to write creatively using rich vocabulary and vivid language
    • Story time and reading involving children in stories for their enjoyment and comprehension, and encouraging them to tackle a wide range of texts
    • Grammar and Vocabulary - using real life situations to bring grammar and vocabulary alive, and helping students to correct and improve their writing
    • Exam preparation - supporting children taking GCSE English, Cambridge Young Learners, and school entrance exams, as well as using her experience to help students prepare for study in the UK

    Fiona has taught students from many Hong Kong schools including:
    • Chinese International School  漢基國際學校
    • Hong Kong International School  香港國際學校
    • Victoria Shanghai Academy  滬江維多利亞學校
    • Singapore International School  新加坡國際學校
    • Canadian International School  香港加拿大國際學校
    • Yew Cheung International School  耀中國際學校
    • German Swiss International School  德瑞國際學校
    • Kellett School  啓歷學校
    • West Island School  西島中學
    • Diocesan Boys School  拔萃男書院
    • Diocesan Girls School  拔萃女書院
    • Bradbury School  白普理小學
    • Marymount Primary School  瑪利曼小學
    • Raimondi College Kindergarten  高主教書院幼稚園部
    • YMCA International Kindergarten  港青國際幼稚園


    Fiona has also taught students from leading UK independent schools such as:
    • Benenden School
    • King's Bruton
    • Canterbury College
    • Worksop College
    • Sedburgh School
    • Llandovery College



    Fiona offers a free consultation to all new families.
    Email teaching@fionarawlinson.com or fill in the form below to enquire.
    Please include the following details in your enquiry:
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    Age of child
    Days and times for lessons
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